Recent & Upcoming Talks

Invited talk: Reproducible research to inform policy

Open Source Tools for Geographic and Transport Research

On [Thursday 25th February](, we will be hosting our next virtual ReproducibiliTea journal club session. The paper we will be discussing describes the importance of open source tools …

Open Access Transport Models

The talk explores the concepts, demonstrate some evolving new tools and discuss future avenues of research and development.

Open Access Transport Models: from collaborative code to citizen science

Seminar for the online Why R conference

I was invited to co-present on the topic of Recent changes in R spatial at the Why R conference which, like many other events, has moved on-line. Event link: meetup.

Invited seminar at the University of Pennsylvania

In place of a planned MUSA Masterclass talk in person, a remote lecture was scheduled via the wonders of new digital technologies, on transport data science. Although not as in-depth as the MUSA Masterclass talk, which has been postponed until April 2021 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, this talk will give a high-level overview of some of the topics that I will talk about, based on a case study from Leeds, UK, the home of the Institute for Transport Studies.

Keynote talk on geocomputation, SatRdays Newcastle

Keynote talk at SatRdays Newcastle Geocomputation with R: Reproducible Geo* workflows, from getting data to making maps This talk will introduce Geocomputation with R, a new book on R for geographic data.

Geocomputation with R: Empower yourself with geo data

Keynote lecture for the Northwest Universities R Day, Manchester In this, titled Geocomputation with R: Empower yourself with free software and geo* data, I provide an overview of the evolving landscape for working with geographic data using open source, command-line driven software.

Invited lecture: ICTs para la (ciclo)inclusión

Invited lecture in Chile at the Seminario del Transporte a la Movilidad y Accesibilidad (in Spanish) Title: ICTs para la (ciclo)inclusión Slides (in Spanish)

Severance, parallels and integration

Plenary lecture at the Cycling & Society conference, Bristol Talk on methods for estimating severance in active transport networks. Slides: Severance, parallels and integration Audio from the talk is available here