Robin Lovelace

Robin Lovelace

Associate Professor of Transport Data Science, University of Leeds

Joey Talbot

Joey Talbot

Research Fellow in Transport Data Science, University of Leeds

Schedule highlights

December 09

02:00PM–02:05PM GMT

Main Stage

How the Propensity to Cycle Tool works + demo

Introduction to the Propensity to Cycle Tool followed by questions and answers

02:05PM–02:15PM GMT

Main Stage

Demo of PCT web app

02:15PM–02:40PM GMT

Main Stage

Working together: Section 1

Downloading PCT data from the website and downloading PCT data in R (Section 1.2)

02:40PM–02:50PM GMT

Breakout Rooms

Virtual networking and break

Chat with fellow attendees

02:50PM–04:00PM GMT

Main Stage

Section 2

Cycling uptake scenarios and joining commute and school data.

04:00PM–04:30PM GMT

Breakout Rooms

Questions and solo work

Network and chat with fellow attendees

04:30PM–05:00PM GMT

Breakout Rooms

Networking and 'ideas with beers'

Discuss thoughts from the day with fellow attendees