CycleStreets.net in the Propensity to Cycle Tool

After 2 years in the making, the paper describing the Propensity to Cycle Tool (PCT), and the thinking behind it, has finally been published (Lovelace et al. 2016). The PCT is an online tool for helping to decide where to prioritise cycling policies such as new cycle paths.

Coxcomb plots and 'spiecharts' in R

This post documents my work creating coxcomb plots. plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-5

Moving house by bicycle trailer

Back in 2009 I moved from York to Sheffield to start a PhD on the Energy Futures 4 year Doctoral Training Centre. Young and naive, some friends and I decided to do it by bicycle, with one bicycle trailer filled to the brim and 4 large panniers carrying most of my stuff. 4 years later and I’ve moved again, this time to Leeds. I’ve got a new a job at Leeds University, working on the Geotalisman project in the department of geography. Older and hopefully wiser, I decided to move house by bicycle again: it’s shorter than the trip to York (40 miles, not 60), I was more organised with planning (providing a month’s notice for friends and family to attend and after 4 years in Sheffield I knew many people who would be up for the ride. To make it more exciting, this time we brought music, in the form of a 12v sound system. See the map, words, images and video below for the full low-down on this epic ride.