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Open Science In Transportation Workshop

Today I am presenting at the Transport Research Board’s 2021 Annual meeting, aka #TRB2021. I say ‘presenting’ but in fact, the talk was a pre-record - see the video below!

Open Source Tools for Geographic Analysis in Transport Planning

Geographic analysis has long supported transport plans that are appropriate to local contexts. Many incumbent tools of the trade are proprietary and were developed to support growth in motor traffic, limiting their utility for transport planners who …

R vs QGIS for sustainable transport planning

The 23rd iteration of the GIS Research UK conference (#GISRUK) conference was the largest ever. 250 researchers, industry representatives and academics attended from the vibrant geospatial research communities in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Clipping spatial data in R

This miniature vignette shows how to clip spatial data based on different spatial objects in R and a ‘bounding box’. Spatial overlays are common in GIS applications and R users are fortunate that the clipping and spatial subsetting functions are mature and fairly fast. We’ll also write a new function called gClip(), that will make clipping by bounding boxes easier.

Coxcomb plots and 'spiecharts' in R

This post documents my work creating coxcomb plots. plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-5