maps in the Propensity to Cycle Tool

After 2 years in the making, the paper describing the Propensity to Cycle Tool (PCT), and the thinking behind it, has finally been published (Lovelace et al. 2016). The PCT is an online tool for helping to decide where to prioritise cycling policies such as new cycle paths.

Geostat2016 Albacete: a write-up

Last week I went to GEOSTAT 2016. Given the amount of fun had at GEOSTAT 2015, expectations were high. The local organisers did not disappoint, with a week of lectures, workshops, spatial data competitions and of course lots of Geostatistics.

R vs QGIS for sustainable transport planning

The 23rd iteration of the GIS Research UK conference (#GISRUK) conference was the largest ever. 250 researchers, industry representatives and academics attended from the vibrant geospatial research communities in the UK, Europe and beyond.