Journal articles

Book chapters

  • Cheshire, J. & Lovelace, R., 2014. Spatial data visualisation with R. In Geocomputation, a Practical Primer. Preprint available online via github and ResearchGate.

Printed magazine articles

  • Lovelace, R. 2014. Jornadas de SIG Libre: A European Digital Mapping Conference. Geoinformatics, 17(4), 12. Available online from
  • Doctoral Students Who Publish. University of Sheffield Doctoral Times, Spring 2013. p. 6. Sheffield. Magazine available online.

  • On Yer Bike. Now Then, December 2012. Sheffield. Available online.

  • The mystery of Sheffield’s steepest hill. Now Then, February 2012. Sheffield. Available online from

  • Bike trailers. Now Then, September 2011. Sheffield. Available online as html or pdf.

  • The Ecotechnic Future. Now Then Magazine, March 2011. Sheffield.

  • Fear. Now Then, November 2010, p. 22-23. Sheffield. Html or pdf. Pdf version also available.

  • Energy futures. Now Then, June 2010, p. 16-17. Sheffield. Html or pdf.

Book reviews

Online magazines

  • Lovelace, R. and Temple, L. 2012. Carbon capture and storage: time to bury the myth? Responding to Climate Change, 15 October.

  • Lovelace, R. 2011. Assessing the energy implication of political intervention. The Oil Drum.

  • Lovelace, R. 2010, Cycle-touring: a vision of post-peak holidays? The Oil Drum: Campfire.

  • Lovelace, R. 2010. How to Set Up and Run a Bicycle Repair Company. The Oil Drum: Campfire.

User guides and tutorials

  • Lovelace, R. 2014. Introducing spatial microsimulation with R: a practical. In-depth tutorial on spatial microsimulation for an NCRM Short Course and available as an NCRM working paper. Latest version available on GitHub.

  • Lovelace, R. 2014. Harnessing Open Street Map Data with R and QGIS. Leeds School of Geography practical Working Paper. Available on EloGeo.

  • Lovelace, R. and Cheshire, J. 2014 and ongoing). Introduction to visualising spatial data in R. Tutorial for NCRM Short Course. Updated version hosted on GitHub, original hosted by the National Centre for Research Methods.

  • Lovelace, R. 2013. Supplementary information: a user manual for the integerisation of IPF weights using R, 1–18. Available online on arXiv or from the University of Leeds

  • Lovelace, R. 2013. Open Source Data and Methods: A tutorial using crowd-sourced data for store location analysis (p. 20). Sheffield. Download from here.

  • Acosta, L. and Sergio, A. 2012) gvSIG Batoví: an educational resource for Plan Ceibal. Guide to open source GIS software (translator from Spanish to English). Available here, on the E-learning of the Open Geospatial community (ELOGeo)website.


  • Lovelace, R. 2014. The energy costs of commuting: a spatial microsimulation approach. University of Sheffield. Viva (16/12/2013) examined by professors Michael Batty and Charles Pattie. Entire thesis document and example code and data available from a GitHub repository.

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