Estimating the Determinants of Cycling: From Area to Road Network Levels

Background It is important to model the determinants of mode choice for many health-related reasons: to find-out what is holding people back from healthy active travel choices, to understand the drivers of detrimental car dependency, and to identify …

Fuel Price Differentials and Car Ownership: A Spatial Analysis of Diesel Cars in Northern Ireland

Using Geocomputation to Explore the Active Travel Impacts of New Roads and Railways

New Tools of the Trade? The Potential and Pitfalls of 'Machine Learning' and 'DAGs' to Model Origin-Destination Data

This paper explores the potential for emerging methods Machine Learning and Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) to be applied to transport modelling at the origin-destination (OD) level. OD data is inherently spatial and is complex, due to the multitude …

New Tools of the Trade? The Potential and Pitfalls of'Machine Learning'and'DAGs' to Model Origin-Destination Data

Crowd Sourced vs Centralised Data for Transport Planning: A Case Study of Bicycle Path Data in the UK