spData: Datasets for Spatial Analysis

Stplanr: Sustainable Transport Planning

Podcast: How Can We Provide Evidence to Support Cycle Infrastructure Investment?

In this podcast, ICE's Adam Kirkup interviews~Dr. Robin Lovelace, University of Leeds, discussing the development of the Propensity to Cycle Toolkit (PCT), and how it can be used to prioritise investments and interventions which promote cycling.

rakeR: Easy Spatial Microsimulation (Raking) in R

Hint of Proper Funding for Cycling, but We Must Fight for It – with Evidence

The parliamentary debate on cycling was a wake-up call to the government on cycling. The coalition government has been floundering, with a botched timeline for release of their Walking and Cycling Delivery ldots

Assessing the Energy Implication of Political Intervention

Cycle-Touring: A Vision of Post-Peak Holidays?

How to Set Up and Run a Bicycle Repair Company