Open Science In Transportation Workshop

Today I am presenting at the Transport Research Board’s 2021 Annual meeting, aka #TRB2021. I say ‘presenting’ but in fact, the talk was a pre-record - see the video below!

Information on the talk can be found here.

It’s based on a recently published paper on ‘open access models’ which are both based on open source code and, vitally, are available for use by the public without needing specialist training (Lovelace, Parkin, and Cohen 2020).

It also links to a just-published paper in which I review a range of open source transport planning tools (Lovelace 2021).

See the interactive slides here.

And here for a link to the code, video and more!


Lovelace, Robin. 2021. “Open Source Tools for Geographic Analysis in Transport Planning.” Journal of Geographical Systems, January.
Lovelace, Robin, John Parkin, and Tom Cohen. 2020. “Open Access Transport Models: A Leverage Point in Sustainable Transport Planning.” Transport Policy 97 (October): 47–54.
Robin Lovelace
Robin Lovelace
Associate Professor of Transport Data Science

My research interests include geocomputation, data science for transport applications, active travel uptake and decarbonising transport systems