Installing spatial R packages on Ubuntu

Having recently acquired a new laptop, an Entroware Proteus (shown below), I had to remind myself how to set-it-up for my needs. This includes the usual things like document editing, web browsing and email. But as much of my work involves developing and using R for geographic research it had to have R installed.

The Etroware Proteus, my new Linux laptop

Figure 1: The Etroware Proteus, my new Linux laptop

I documented the process of upgrading Ubuntu, adding the appropriate software repositories and installing packages in a recent blogpost on the website, the website supporting our open source book Geocomputation with R.

If you use Ubuntu, or are thinking of switching to Ubuntu (a sensible choice for someone looking for a user-friendly and stable mostly open source operating system), check-out the details here:


Robin Lovelace
Robin Lovelace
Associate Professor of Transport Data Science

My research interests include geocomputation, data science for transport applications, active travel uptake and decarbonising transport systems