CASA summer school on geographic data

Last week I presented at UCL’s summer school which, by all accounts, was a very successful event in which many people learned many new skills. The presentation format was a refreshing changes from the PowerPoint slides you’re often asked to prepare. Instead, each presenter was asked to create a reproducible RMarkdown document to present. The source code was shared with the students, who were encouraged to test the code.

The source code of my RMarkdown document can be found here, on the website support the Geocomputation with R book:

To see the article itself, head here:

A very summary of the content is shown below.

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For more on the CASA summer school itself, see here.

In summary, great event and look forward to more partipatory workshops, the next one upcoming being the OpenGeoHub summer school:

Robin Lovelace
Robin Lovelace
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