Moving house by bicycle trailer

Back in 2009 I moved from York to Sheffield to start a PhD on the Energy Futures 4 year Doctoral Training Centre. Young and naive, some friends and I decided to do it by bicycle, with one bicycle trailer filled to the brim and 4 large panniers carrying most of my stuff.

4 years later and I’ve moved again, this time to Leeds. I’ve got a new a job at Leeds University, working on the Geotalisman project in the department of geography. Older and hopefully wiser, I decided to move house by bicycle again: it’s shorter than the trip to York (40 miles, not 60), I was more organised with planning (providing a month’s notice for friends and family to attend and after 4 years in Sheffield I knew many people who would be up for the ride. To make it more exciting, this time we brought music, in the form of a 12v sound system. See the map, words, images and video below for the full low-down on this epic ride.