Welcome to my website. The aim is to provide a place for getting my work and ideas out there quickly and better linked-in with the wider world. I hope you find something here of use and interest. Enjoy your visit!

About me

I’m a geographer and environmental scientist specialising in spatial data analysis and computing, especially R programming.

Based at the Leeds Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) I have a strong interest in transport modelling. This is described in a review of a book on the subject by Boyce and Williams (2015).

I studied Geography at the University of Bristol after moving out of my home town of Hereford where I went to Weobley High School, out in rural Northwest Herefordshire, and then Hereford Sixth Form College.

From an early age I enjoyed travelling. Since moving to Bristol to settling in Leeds for my current job I have moved 3 times:

I moved (by bicycle trailer!) from Sheffield to Leeds in summer 2013 for a post-doctorate job in Geospatial Data Analysis and Simulation (TALISMAN). A year later I got a job at the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA) where I am still based alongside my role in ITS.

I have been based at the Leeds Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) since September 2016 as a University Academic Fellow in Transport and Big Data. Here I work on researching the energy impacts of transport systems, modelling the uptake of sustainable transport uptake, new methods on transport geography and visualizing transport futures at a local level.

Applied work

I’ve applied my skills to a number of projects with real-world applications, most recently the Propensity to Cycle Tool (PCT) for the Department for Transport (Lovelace et al. 2017). The PCT is a national project which maps future cycling potential with the aim of helping to design more sustainable cities. A central output of the PCT is a publicly accessible map. If you live in England, you can check out current and potential future levels of cycling in your local area by visiting www.pct.bike and clicking on where you live.

I also develop stplanr, an R package for sustainable transport planning.

About this website

This website was built using open source software. It uses Hugo, a static website generator written in Go, and blogdown, an R package by Yihui Xie writing posts that contain embedded code. Its source code can be found at github.com/rbind/robinlovelace.

If you’re interested in my earlier work, please check-out:


Boyce, David E., and Huw C. W. L. Williams. 2015. Forecasting Urban Travel: Past, Present and Future. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Lovelace, Robin, Anna Goodman, Rachel Aldred, Nikolai Berkoff, Ali Abbas, and James Woodcock. 2017. “The Propensity to Cycle Tool: An Open Source Online System for Sustainable Transport Planning.” Journal of Transport and Land Use 10 (1). https://doi.org/10.5198/jtlu.2016.862.